We (re)design the products, services and brands that will be part of tomorrow’s circular models.

Together, we create a new culture. economy. world.

Circular Strategy

I know I want to deepen into Circular Economy , but don’t know how to start or where to focus.

Circular Design

Already know what challenges to address! 

Now I need to define my products, services or my communication

Circular Academy

Not sure about Circular Economy but want to know more?


"we are circular transformation agents"

Hi friend !

We are glad that you are interested in this case, but we are still figuring out what parts of it can be public.

Anyway, you might be interested in designing services that make your organization or entrepeneurship circular, or perhaps you are interested in designing digital products, such as marketplaces, that foster sustainability…

In any case, we are open to chat with you about it